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Jan 5th-11th (Monday Night - Sunday)

We are asking everyone that are going to Camporee to be at the church on Monday night 5th at 6:30pm we will provide tea.
Bring all your gear ready to go. We will sleep at the church on the Monday night. This is so we can get a team atmosphere happening and also go through all the things of Camporee.
IMPORTANT TO BE PART OF THIS. We will then travel up the next day the 6th of January to Toowoomba. Our check in time at Camporee is 12:25 pm. We will leave Springwood at 9:00am arrive in Toowoomba at around 11:00am and we will have an early lunch. Then proceed to Camporee site to full set up. On the 11th of January we will leave the Camporee site at 10:30am and arrive back at the church 1:30pm.

Parents are welcome to stay for the opening ceremony at 5:00pm 6th of January but there will be no parking available on the Camporee site .Those not in full uniform will join the parade at the rear. Our akubra hats will be part of our Uniform also black shoes.

For the activities casual clothes plus enclosed shoes (old ones if they can last). A white t-shirt will be used in one of the activities. The t-shirt will get dirty. Old Hat or Cap, Water Bottle and Personal Sunscreen. At the last camp quite a few Pathfinders didn't have the previous items please may sure they come also the Pathfinder. The field uniform with our caps will be worn to the night program. If you havnt got yours see Heather. Heather may still have some. Use the normal camping list just multiple the extra clothes. Make sure everything is labeled. Thanks, makes our job heaps easier.

There are going to be showers and I can imagine toilets as well. For the hygiene it is recommended that thongs or sandals be worn in the shower. This footwear at this time only.

Club Contact Emergency
Warren Barron 0421 337 182
Tim Lawson  0412 220 599
Susan Barron 0412 650 399          

Camporee Emergency Contact
The following number will reach the event
Australia: (04) 2880 3999
Please restrict the use of this number to
emergencies only

Camporee Souvenirs
Things such as pins, badges, patches, items
that are unique to the respective cultures can
be brought along for exchange.
Rules of exchange:
1. It must be FUN
2. It must be FAIR
3. It must be FRIENDLY
Camporee Souvenirs on sale
(Camporee Administration -Peters House)
Camporee caps = $ 7.00
Camporee T Shirts = $20.00
SPD Pin = $ 7.00
GC Honours Poster = $ 4.00



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